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Bard Birds Waterproof Stickers

Bard Birds Waterproof Stickers

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From the rivers to the north
O from the valleys to the east
Meet the bards of Neverwinter
Two small birds who slayed a beast

Their journey never ending
There's so much story to be told
From Loots and Toots' adventures
The tales never do grow old

These adventurous birbs are perfect for your notebooks, laptops, phone cases, skateboards, controllers, scrapbooks and more!


These are three (3) different durable, UV protected, and waterproof stickers at approximately 2" x 2.75" in size. They are available individually and as a set.

* Colours may vary from your screen to the actual product since all screens are calibrated differently.


This is a Studio item. That means that it will ship directly from my studio and ship separately from items shipped from White Squirrel or otherwise.

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