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Familiar Shapes Hardcover Sticker Book

Familiar Shapes Hardcover Sticker Book

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We laughed some more and the shapes started to form like an augmented reality. I could see goldfish flying above us as we laid on that hill. Memories that took shape.

Are you an avid sticker collector with drawers and boxes full of stickers? Do you have sticker commitment issues? Are you looking for a way to beautifully display your sticker collection? Well do I have a solution for you!

Keep all your favourite stickers in these Sticker Collecting Books until you're ready to put them on their forever home! Due to the nature of the release paper in these books, your stickers will stick to these pages without losing their adhesive, making it possible to re-stick them to another surface whenever you're ready.


This is an A5 sticker album featuring:

  • 80 waxy release paper sheets
    (160 pages for sticker collecting)
  • Sturdy printed board front and back covers
  • Gold ring binding to allow your collection to lay flat

MISFITS:  Misfit sticker books have noticeable defects on them. These defects can range from scrunched up corners, ink smudges, scratches on the covers, etc. Because of these very noticeable defects, they are offered at a discounted price. Please make note of this when purchasing a misfit item.

* Colours may vary from your screen to the actual product since all screens are calibrated differently.


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